L. I. Kahan

Gold Chains is a historical company in Arezzo producing machine chains. It was founded in 1977 by Piero Marini, the first production site was born in Badia al Pino (Ar), a small village in the beautiful Val di Chiana, where Mr. Marini has always had residence; later the company moved to Arezzo where it remained until 2006. In that year the company moved to its current location: the Industrial Area of San Zeno, historical settlement of the goldsmith companies in Arezzo. The plant is now of adequate proportions to its capacity, with 1200 square meters of surface available. The company is currently run by the sons. Piero Marini had a primary role: he trained professionally at the historical MGZ in Arezzo (the mechanical division of Unoaerre). He first acquired the ability to operate on different versions of machines for chain, then became a designer of themselves,
finally he moved on to their commercialization in the world and to the establishment of entire goldsmith companies, commissioned by foreign entrepreneurs. With such acquired background, it was relatively easy for him to make the decision to set up his own company: Gold Chains s.r.l. He led his growth, first forming his collaborators then their sons. Over the years he has travelled the world establishing business relationships with many customers and has known new economic realities. The company was growing and innovating continuously to keep pace with the various ever-changing markets. Investments in technology have always been in the company’s priorities, currently the machines for chains are in the order of a hundred, to be added to other 60/70 machines used in various processes that every product needs. Every year the company invests in new machinery or new production processes.
The company carries out almost all the work necessary for the realization of the entire production. It has a foundry where gold and silver ingots to be transformed are made, in the dies and laminates department, into wire or plate; the machine department for the production of chains; the brazing department, where the chains are welded in order to be subsequently machined; the processing departments where the chains are machined in such a way as to realize multiple variants and new articles derived from them with the help of presses, hammers, twisters and other machinery; the diamond cutting department where the chains are polished by removing a part of their surface using specific diamond tools or in ice lathes or with dry diamond cutting machines; the order management department where each order of each customers is analyzed, where the various chains and semi-finished products are prepared (e.g. cut to size and flanked by the relevant necessary components) and sorted to the subsequent departments; the bench welding and assembly department: here the jewels take shape, the various components are joined together by flame welding or assembled by hand; the finishing department where the items are first degreased and washed and then they are smoothed and polished perfectly, placing them in special vibrators filled with steel balls and soap; in other cases we use ceramics and abrasive pastes. The mechanical workshop department where repairs, modifications or spare parts of the various machines of the company; the acceptance and management department for suppliers, located near the entrance of the company, is the place where the goods delivered by a supplier are weighed and checked and then sorted to the appropriate departments; it’s also the place where the goods ready for external processing are carefully weighed and prepared for delivery. The quality control and shipping department where every single order, before being shipped or delivered to each customer, is scrupulously checked to comply with both the order/customer requirements and the quality standard (color, finishing degree, measurements, breaking load) and finally also the title of the material (by checking the correctness of the various processing steps such as weights and above all the control essays).
All our employees have a great experience in the field and have been selected by us both for their working skills and for their seriousness and morality. Many of them have been with us for decades and have grown together with the company. Our supplier companies have been carefully selected, we’ve been working side by side for many years now and they are all companies of proven seriousness and reliability.