The "Gold Chains" it is a little factory in a big World. We all work to make it a big factory in a little world.

(The "Gold Chains" it is a little factory in a big World. We all work to make it a big factory in a little world.   Piero Marini)

Since 1977

We have been present in the Italian and international goldsmith market since 1977, guided for over thirty years by Piero Marini, who has transmitted to us the experience and values he has acquired.

Technological innovation, upgrade of products to the changing demands of the markets and the continuous pursuit of quality are the foundations of our work. We can also boast over time the creation of new and exclusive chain models still present in the market.

It is no coincidence that… we are the 276AR

Dal 1977

Customers and Partnership

Our relationship with customers is based on  trust, courtesy and transparency. Every need is followed by a personalized and continuous support. Many of our customers have a historical and solid relationship with our company. Only the best suppliers are selected for external processing.

Customers and Partnership

Structures and machinery

The company carries out almost all the work necessary for the realization of the entire production, thanks to a large number of machines for the production of chains, transformation of the same ones and different finishing.

The machines are of high technology and the operators possess a professional training of excellence. Making use of that, we can produce almost all of the existing chains and also succeed in creating new ones. The commercial structure is equipped with the latest information technologies to best meet every need.

Strutture e macchinari

Galvanic activity

In order to guarantee the maximum quality of our product, there is a state-of-the-art galvanic department inside the factory. The department is also at the highest level in the safety of operators who work there. We can perform customized galvanic processing for third parties.

Attività di galvanica


Environmental sustainability is the policy in which the company firmly believes and strives to ensure it. To this end, in our departments there are many facilities for recycling and storage of pollutants.

Moreover we are equipped with systems for the recycling and reuse of industrial water, which allow us to limit the discharge into public sewers of sanitary water only.

Our continuous search for sustainability has led us to the installation of a photovoltaic system capable of producing high percentages of electricity both for our needs and to re-network.

After a careful study, we did realize an exclusive machine for degreasing products without the use of chemical solvents.


Gold Made in Italy

In order to realize our productions all the precious metals used come from refiners, metal benches or banking institutes able to guarantee that they are "conflict free" materials.

The components and accessories we use meet all the legal requirements and parameters and can boast of the brand Made in Italy.

Oro Made in Italy