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Urban is a contemporary unisex line made through the biting silvering process. This line is ideal for those who want to delve into the undergroud city life. As a free spirit marked by life experiences, so your chain is marked by the folds of time. Feel free to live the city with the Urban line!


Art and Spirituality are the basis of the Religious collection. With its simple and elegant lines Religious binds a century-old tradition to contemporary goldsmithing. The faithful will not only be able to have an object of faith, but will be able to wear an elegant jewel suitable for any type of context.


For him ♥ for her ♥ for everything you care about. Feeling is the line of bracelets and necklaces to express the deepest emotions: an indissoluble chain to always carry a precious link with you!

Color Mania

If after a gray day you need an explosion of color, Color Mania is the jewel for you! With its colors and its rounded lines, Color Mania gives that eclectic touch in the out-fit that you so desire!

Rock 'n' Roll

Like vibrant Rock music, the Rock 'n' Roll collection evokes a strong vibe of style in the wearer. With its symbols and its lines it breaks that boring monotony! Stones and Metal, symbol of out-of-the-ordinary elegance!

G - Fashion

G ∴ Fashion is elegance! A pure fashion jewel that shines in absolute darkness. Let yourself be carried away by the white light of silver or be entranced by the dazzling yellow of gold